Sep 24 2014

Harrow Black History Season Focuses On UNIA Centenary

black_history_monthAn organisation set up in Jamaica 100 years ago is the inspiration behind Harrow’s African/Black History Season programme, which takes place at Harrow Civic Centre, starting Monday October 6.

This year’s theme, ‘Marcus Garvey/UNIA @ 100: The Legacy’, highlights the legacy of the Universal Negro Improvement Association-African Communities League (UNIA), which was set up by Marcus Garvey in 1914. By the 1920s the UNIA had become the biggest African-focused organisation in the world.

Garvey’s organisation advocated self-confidence, entrepreneurship, connection to Africa, its history, and African pride. At a time when most of Africa and its Diaspora was under colonial rule, Garvey’s call for indigenous rule and the manifestation of UNIA’s call for enterprise by setting up numerous businesses, resonated among millions of Africans across the world.

“The story of Marcus Garvey and the UNIA needs to be better known in Harrow, not only because of the place his organisation holds within world history, but because Garvey having lived the last few years of his life, and died, in London, makes it also British history,” says Harrow BHM Group chair Deven Pillay.

In marking UNIA @ 100, the Harrow BHM Group aims to highlight different aspects of Garvey’s organisation, and what we can take from it, going forward. In addition to the launch led by Dr Lez Henry, events taking place until December are ‘Highlighting Women & Their Role In The UNIA’ (led by Sister Nzingha), ‘Reflecting On UNIA’s Enterprises’ (Hugh Francis), and ‘Moving Forward: Taking From The Garvey/UNIA Legacy’ (Brother Andrew Muhammad), which includes a Youth Opportunity, led by musician/composer Keith Waithe, who will help young participants creatively interpret the UNIA legacy.

The fortnightly African History Xtra Sessions will take place between February and April 2015. For more information or to book: HarrowBHM.eventbrite.com


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