Apr 17 2013

Harrow Cllr Perry – Leader of Labour Group, NOT the Council

harrow_council_logo2We’ve done some digging over the last 24 hours, since Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar lost the Labour group leadership position to Cllr David Perry, and it seems there might be some confusion over who’s won what.

Cllr Perry has won the position of Leader of the Labour group, but this doesn’t follow that he’ll automatically take the role of Leader of the Council itself, unless Cllr Idaikkadar resigns, or gets forced out. Many local councillors might not be aware of the fine and subtle distinction between the two roles, and clearly, a resignation of the current Council leader is to be expected, more as a point of protocol than anything else. But, and this is important, Cllr Idaikkadar doesn’t have to resign.

According to Harrow Council’s Constitution, section 7.0.3 says:

7.03 The Leader

The Leader will be a Councillor elected to the position of Leader by the Council.

The Leader will hold office until one of the following circumstances applies:

  1. the Council holds its first meeting after the next whole Council elections following his/her election as Leader
  2. he/she resigns from the office; or
  3. he or she is suspended from being a Councillor under Part III of the Local Government Act 2000 (although he or she may be re-appointed at the end of the period of suspension); or
  4. he or she is no longer a Councillor; or
  5. he/she is removed from office by resolution of the Council following which the Council will elect a replacement Leader at the same or subsequent Council meeting.

So, it would seem that Cllr Idaikkadar remains as Leader of the Council for time time being, and at least, until May 23, 2013, the date of the next Council meeting. There is probably an expectation for him to stand down, although should that not be forthcoming, the next possible option is for Cllr Perry to call a vote of no confidence in Cllr Idaikkadar, which he’d be fairly certain to win. After all, under what circumstances would the Council – Labour members, remember – vote for one person as Group Leader, but a different person for Council Leader.

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks. And who said politics was boring?


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