Jan 26 2013

Harrow Council for Justice: Now Annoying Other Councils

navel_gazingThe poorly-named Harrow Council for Justice (no relation to the real Harrow Council, we’d want to make clear) has spread its net wider over recent weeks, and has now decided to annoy other Councils across the country, by spamming out its ‘newsletters’ which have been publicly declared as being ‘…blatantly political and include a great deal of personal attack on individuals.

As Inside Croydon reported:

One of the many recipients of the HCJ’s December mailing, which was about how Cllr Husain Akhtar had jumped ship from the Harrow Conservative group, was to Croydon Council Leader, Mike Fisher – we’d point out that Croydon is a Conservative council. Cllr Fisher, possibly expressing the view held by many, wrote back and said, forgivably tersely, “Please do not send me any more of this rubbish.”

Inside Croydon continues:

The terse, almost rude, response has prompted Dr Shah to consider a formal complaint about Fisher’s conduct.

“You owe us an apology otherwise expect a follow-up action,” Shah has written to Fisher.

Shah says he is “surprised” by Fisher’s language. “As an elected representative whose contact details are public, you are expected to receive communications from interested communities and organisations – if you can’t handle this, then you need not to be enjoying the financial incentive through the public funds,” Dr Shah has informed Fisher.

Nice, huh?

We’d point out that the HCL have made no public objection to Harrow councillor, David Gawn ‘enjoying the financial incentive through public funds’ whilst he is unable to attend Council meetings due to a Court-imposed curfew. Nor, of course, have they made any public statement about Harrow councillor, Brian Gate, who accepted a caution for downloading child porn recently. Justice? What justice.

So, what do we know about the Harrow Council for Justice? Originally named as being for ‘Racial’ justice, they dropped the ‘Racial’ part of the name at some point. They seem to be heavily anti-Conservative, relying on personal attacks against the leader of the Harrow Conservative Group, although other Conservative groups – as above – haven’t escaped their attention.

We believe that Cllr Husain Akhtar is heavily involved with the group; we’re fairly certain he runs their website, given the recent case where someone, also called ‘Husain Akhtar’, incorrectly uploaded files to the site. Indeed, the anti-Conservative stance would explain that. Our enquiry to Cllr Akhtar has been ignored.

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  1. Morepowertothepeople!

    The HCJ appears to be run by vitriolic wannabe politicians! Time to abandon this excuse of an organisation before you all truly become the laughing stock of Harrow!

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