Jul 09 2015

Harrow Council Scrabbles for Loose Change; Adds Website Advertising

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council has rolled out advertising onto it’s website in the last few days, in efforts to collect a few more pennies from residents.

Many residents are frustrated at this “online channel shift” which is supposed to make life easier for those transacting with the council. In fact, all we seem to hear from residents is that they can’t do what they need to do online, and as a result, spend much longer on the telephone actually trying to get hold of someone at the council who can help.

The council’s website hasn’t been without it’s problems either: the planning portal has been notoriously unreliable; the planning alert service – which will send you emails when planning applications are in your area – has been broken for a week now, and there’s no word on when that’s likely to return. The council has even been caught out in publishing the name, address and phone number of an elderly resident after she complained about a local public house! To start adding money-raising adverts to the site, which have the look and feel of recommendations by the council, seems a little, well, distasteful.

There’s an example screen shot below, showing the adverts for British Gas – no indication, at all, that they’re adverts, of course.



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  1. mike mcfadden

    I’m aware their web-site is pretty poor but what else would you expect from “Harrow” Under a loony-left administration. Personally, I was under the impression Harrow had gone into lock-down mode once the true horror of the way they have ruined a once nice proud borough. With beds in sheds out of control HMO’s the abundance of illegal immigrants attracted to loony council that openly takes in failed asylum seekers. The rubbish on our streets is appalling with dead rats all over the place.
    A council that seems to have a hatred for home owning democracy because of their wish to price owners out with sky high council tax and poor services and replace them with new arrivals on benefits. While there pet miss-fits that are bussed into area on benefits pay little or nothing but use all the services and cause most if not all the problems. Speak to anyone and say you live in Harrow they immediately say what that place!!!

    If you think about it something must be seriously wrong with socialism apart from running out of other peoples money. Look what Blair did in the Middle -East. As the peace envoy from “HELL” What’s going to happen to the Jews of North London now Blair is the new envoy for peace and reconciliation.!!! I think it all went wrong when their politics of envy turned to politics of hate.

    My question to disappearing Dave is (1) How many HMO officially in Harrow and how many unofficial do they know about. (2) How many are owned by Council members or council staff who have a share or part ownership/ connection in these places. (3) Why does Harrow council seem hell bent on destroying the peaceful way of life in Edgware allowing huge numbers of beds in sheds?

    Finally, is disappearing Dave prepared to admits Harrow’s Multicultural policy has failed and brought about nothing but stress and a poor quality of life to the area. !! Will Dave now start to put things right by first making sure all council notices are in English only. One people one nation one language one flag. Common-Sense,You know it makes sense.

  2. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Glad you picked this up,I mentioned this on the 4th for a different reason my tweet was ” I see @harrow_council is allowing advertising on it’s website,good idea 2 raise revenue but who monitors it 2 ensure advertisers are ethical”.

    It took 5 minutes to find one of the advertisers gave loans & credit to weapon manufacturers
    it has also been criticised for investing in a company with a series of labour rights violations,I have not bothered to check other advertisers but I am sure the deeper that is dug more will be unearthed.

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