Sep 06 2013

Harrow Council’s Budget Overspend – a ‘Kick in the Teeth”

labour_roseHarrow Labour Group sent us the following press release…

Just three months after the then Labour controlled Council handed this Tory – Independent coalition a golden legacy, they have already managed to squander it. Labour left a massive £10.8m underspend, but in the first 3 months of this year, they have already managed to turn that in to a £2m overspend.

The Harrow Labour Group has serious concerns that the report, on page 224, seems to be firing the starting gun to raid the £2m set aside by Labour to help Harrow residents who have been hit by the Government’s cruel cuts to benefits including the bedroom tax. The report says “there is a possibility that the £2M welfare reform contingency not being required”

Cllr David Perry, Leader of the Labour group said: “This money was set aside to help Harrow residents, but it appears this might now be used to fill the black hole created by the Tory – Independent coalition’s financial mismanagement. This will be a kick in the teeth for those who will be struggling to heat their homes this winter”

[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]The people of Harrow deserve better. [/pullquote]However Labour’s ability to manage the books may well come to save the day months after leaving power. This is because savings to the budget will be made this year because Labour also underspent the capital budget, but the latest figures do not yet show this saving. Once this is taken in to account, Labour will be able to bring down the overspend, even while in opposition.

Cllr Sachin Shah, Labour’s shadow cabinet member for Finance said: “This report shows what an absolute mess the Tory – Independent coalition are making of Council tax payer’s money. The people of Harrow deserve better. This report has confirmed that this coalition has reversed Labour’s ‘People not place’ budget. That principle said that Labour will always invest in looking after those most in need, but this is no longer happening. Cllr Susan Hall is stopping the PRISM project, that stop is costing this council almost £1000 every working hour in lost savings. This cannot go on. Whoever is in charge of the Council, they need to get a grip and sort out the mess they have created.”

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  1. j p hobbs

    So that’s why Harrow looks like a shanty town Labour under spent and under achieved , now
    there is a surprise . NOT !!!!!!!!!

  2. j p hobbs

    REF FOI THAT HAS CLOSED … I asked under the act about the stealth camera after they had ignored my request thru Bob Blackman they replied that they could charge me for it and didn’t have to give me all the information obviously to scare me off , so i waited several weeks ,,, nothing at all , so i put my story on Facebook and a couple of forums with the email addresses of the two scallywags dealing with the matter , hey presto an answer the very next day now methinks can i trust these people and the stats they sent me ..why not try it ?

  3. Praxis Reform

    Since people can directly ask the council for information, it’s one less reason to have so many councillors in a borough.

    Anyway, if your don’t get a satisfactory response to your FOIA request, go here:

    If it’s a reasonable request, the Commissar can order the release of the information.

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