Aug 15 2015

Harrow Council’s Website – Newfangled Advert Thing Broken

harrow_council_logoWell, that didn’t last long.

The council rolled out a bunch of advertising on their website recently in efforts to raise a few pennies. A laudable idea, if only it was easy to find what you’re looking for when forced to use the site, rather than runing around in circles.

Anyway, something’s gone wrong, and tonight, all you’ll see is a ‘Not Found’ error where the ads used to go. It’s unlikely that the council has changed it’s mind about the ad scheme, clearly thinking that forcing adverts onto residents that it compels to use the site, through a strategy of not answering the phone, will raise money for iPads, TVs and so on.

Pretty sure we’ve mentioned the website’s ills and pains before, but this is a new one:

20150815_website_banner_brokenNo doubt it’ll be fixed once someone rolls into the office on Monday. But in the meantime, it’s just another example of how not to run a council.


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