Oct 24 2015

Harrow Drops “Safest Borough” in London Tag

police_jacketAll good things come to an end, it seems. And that probably includes the doughnuts that Chief Superintendent Simon Ovens, Harrow’s Police Commander, has almost certainly been buying recently to celebrate the borough being the safest in London under his watch. But no more.

According to data published on September 2015’s figures by the Met last week, Harrow has dropped to become the third safest (with a cirime rate of 4.61), having been beaten by Bexley (4.22) and Sutton (4.34). And despite crime in London dropping month on month (from 63,541 in July, 59,588 in August and 59,096 in September) Harrow has increased each month.

In fact, compared to the previous month, Harrow is up 8% in August, and up a further 7.4% in September. London, as a whole, dropped 6% in August and a further 1% in September.

So, is this good or bad? It might seem a silly question, but if Ovens is telling his team to focus on finding drug dealers, and feeling their collars, then that’s a criminal off the streets (which is good) and an extra crime recorded (which is bad – at least for the stats), so perhaps it’s a doubled edged sword?

Most common crime type in Harrow is Anti Social Behaviour, followed by Violence against the person, and theft from vehicles.

More figures for those who want the detail are here.

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  1. mike mcfadden

    Ha ha ha Do they really think we are that stupid? Crime has been falling only in the way police have been recording them or not. Also because many will not report crime to the police because nothing is done. Unless its a pet crime and we all know what political policing really is. !!! The police in places like Harrow are so mixed up with political Correctness they give a new meaning to crime pays!!! The borough needs a massive clean-up from the top down. Not the castigation of hard working staff that may or may not have used the “wrong” type of “word” in the “wrong” place at the “wrong” time!!!! “get over it” and get on with your life” Real criminals commit real crimes, like stealing, cheating and other crimes against the people.

    Using the wrong words in not a crime in itself. Those that chase word is akin to chasing rainbows for losers.
    Their are plenty of failures like “thosethatcare” who preach they know best but know nothing except how to scrounge for themselves. Time to wake-up and get real!! Real criminals are the criminals not political thought police trying to create criminals. !!!

  2. Susan Hall

    No matter what our Harrtow Police do, and I am a massive fan of theirs, the fact that this rotten Labour Council are refusing to put the correct funding into street cleaning and general cleanliness of the borough will have a large impact on crime levels. Those who know the Giuliani ‘broken window’ theory will understand that if things are left to deteriorate and get dirtier then the borough will deteriorate and crime levels and anti social behaviour will increase. The nonsense with the brown bins will also encourage fly tipping which is another form of anti social behaviour. The Police cannot do their job without the help of the residents and a Council that is supportive in many ways. I hate to say it but if our streets are allowed to continue to be filthy in the way they are now then there will be repercussions in many different ways. Anti social behaviour and thus increase in crime rates being just one.

    1. red mirror

      councilors are like nappies they need changing often for the same reason.

  3. sonoo malkani

    It would be far more useful if we could concentrate our minds on WHY crime has gone up recently in Harrow after so many months of being in the lead instead of casting nasty aspersions.That is uncalled for and jolly unfair,especially to our police officers working round the clock.

    Like it or not,it is a proven fact ,not only in London but in other parts of the world such as New York,that neglected,dirty areas which look like rubbish tips,attract crime.This is why the local Council allocates funds for specials “days of action” by various partners to try and clear up the awful mess.These are quite successful but only part of the solution,as costs are prohibitive.

    Understandably,it is not possible for any Council to do this on a daily basis,since it’s resource-intensive.One needs a sustainable strategy to ensure cleanliness and a “looked after”appearance for the local environment to help keep trouble at bay.Community champions do send in reports but do not always get the response they expect.This needs to be carefully monitored.

    It’s really not the job of POLICE officers to chase after those who are engaged in fly-tipping and similar activities which are definitely anti-social and detrimental for the health and safety of our borough.They cannot be expected to spend all day doing jobs which other departments are responsible for.Their priority is to CATCH CRIMINALS and also to PREVENT CRIME.Just get real!

    Do put some thought into what you are saying about our police before launching into baseless accusations.Many are out and about in the dark right now ,as we stay snugly indoors ,trying to keep us out of harm’s way.We must give them our full support to help prevent crime so that the figures reflect this.The public must work with them to ensure we stop local citizens,wherever possible,from becoming victims of crime.

  4. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Sonoo makes some good points,however here is a problem for you to look at,Network Rail have a foot bridge by the RCT sports ground,the foot path leading upto it is council owned,drinkers went up from 1-2 to 10-15 because it was a safe haven.

    Then the graffiti artists moved in followed by people doing drugs then groups just hanging around throwing stones into the car park then at trains,firing fireworks at trains,setting fires which if the smoke blows across the track stops the trains,you also have men exposing themselves when defecating,also great area for dumping the ill gotten gains from burglaries.

    So I went to the council no help what so ever then went to Network Rail again no help,so I went to my local snt who came down saw the problem & shared my concerns,they then went to the council in the end they had to demand that they cut the foot path back so people could see the full length of the path,they patrolled daily but getting the council involved to look after their land took up valuable time that could of been used by the snt elsewhere & now they only cut it once a year so the time the snt spent has been wasted.

    “Network Rail” this problem is one of the reasons I started negligent rail twitter feed,I hassled cajoled & yes bullied them,I contacted British Transport Police who I must say were also fantastic they pop down weekly I have a contact point to update them if needed,but they said to me & I quote “network rail do not listen to us”.In the end I had to post pics on twitter & threaten to mail the detritus to their Chairman.

    That got their attention,in the 1st clean up trackside they removed over 2500 beer cans,repainted the bridge weeded it & repaired everything that needed to be done,but it should not of come to this,both the council & network rail should of listened to concerns & acted not ignored them & in doing so use up valuable police time.

    I am left to my own devices now by the council & network rail so I have smashed up 6 drinking dens removed over 150 sacks of rubbish plus 100 sacks of beer cans & i now re cut the footpath when I feel it needs it not when others decide to do it.Along with the BTP & SNT we have reduced the drinking,drug use & defecation but if the other parties concerned had pulled out their fingers & acted earlier this situation would not have got out of hand nor would it have used up so many police hours.

    J have now purchased at my own expense a petrol multi tool to keep everything cut & next is a hunter pro that is pir activated that will take pictures & film as well in both day & night conditions,ott no not at all since the improvements use of the footpath & bridge has gone up 6 fold.

  5. sonoo malkani

    Hector’s House what you have achieved by sheer perseverance is highly commendable,along with help from BTP and your SNT.It’s great to hear use of the footpath & bridge by the RCT Sports Ground has gone up sixfold.Just wish more citizens would get involved and act in a similar manner to help keep our borough safer.

    Quite predictably,with the huge number of festivals and events Harrow’s diverse communities celebrate combined with the clocks going back an hour on October 25,longer hours of darkness and mild weather burglary figures went up.Our Police are using PREDICTIVE MAPPING along with intelligence reports.They are closely monitoring “hot spots”and have stepped up publicity of crime prevention tips which,if implemented by most,would certainly help our crime figures considerably.You might help us do that.

    I’m sure they are not resting on their laurels and are already working to promote us up the league table.The boroughs ahead of us have populations nowhere near the diverse ones we see in Harrow.I am confident with more robust crime prevention messages being rolled out ,we will start climbing upwards soon.The other crime which concerns us is Violence Against the Person.Any increase in this,like Burglary,is intolerable.Our Borough Commander is constantly working with his team to bring that down as well.

    Please make full use of your local SNT and implement the CRIME PREVENTION tips you are given.Ask for SMARTWATER .This is cutting edge technology,provided by Harrow Council,available free of charge.Use your common-sense and do not make it easier for thieves to break into your home or leave your car unlocked in the drive with goods inside on display.It’s asking for trouble!

    Be a good neighbour and help vulnerable folk wherever possible.Get to know your COMMUNITY CHAMPION(previously Neighbourhood Champion) and attend meetings held locally so you know exactly what is happening on your patch.Attend police STREET BRIEFINGS which give you KNOWLEDGE of your road and the surrounding areas.

    Leaving lights and a radio on timer,makes a home look occupied which makes it less attractive to most burglars who,in the main,are opportunists.If you have a dog,all the better.Fitting a burglar alarm and security lights back and front are all excellent DETERRENTS and a great investment.They no longer cost a fortune but could save you one.Burglary is preventable.Please keep your valuables out of sight.Expensive jewellery should be locked away in a safe place or put in a Bank locker.Same goes for large amounts of cash.Make sure your side gate and garden shed is locked,bins BEHIND your gate,no ladders or tools left out for them to use to break into your home.Please look at the Metropolitan Police web-site,Operation Bumble-bee ,for more tips.Your Borough Commander has also published a helpful crime prevention list of handy tips only last week.

    One other thing.PLEASE do not go out flashing your gold jewellery as you walk down the streets.We do not want to tempt fate and have a spike in ROBBERY which also tends to happen at this time of year.Should you go out wearing valuables cover with your scarf or coat so it’s not visible.This is all COMMON-SENSE.Just use it and help our crime to be kept to a minimum.

    With GUY FAWKES Fireworks night round the corner please make sure both you and your property are safe and secure.No lamps or candles should be left unattended.Fire is a big hazard.Fit smoke alarms.the local Fire Brigade supply and fit ,free of charge.Contact them.
    Think about your pets and vulnerable elders at this time.DO have great time,but not at the expense of others!

    Last but not least,be a great Harrovian and help your local police to keep you safe so our borough quickly regains its position once more.No resting on our laurels till this is achieved and sustained.

    Hope many of you will attend the REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE & PARADE at our Civic Centre,Sunday November 8 to pay your respects to our gallant soldiers.


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