Mar 30 2013

Jack & Rebecca’s Dream to Walk – An Update

Almost a year ago, we posted an article about Jack & Rebecca’s Dream to Walk – and we told you about how at just four years old, due to Diplegic Cerebral Palsy, they’re unable to walk like other kids do. We also told you that Jack & Rebecca’s friends and family were aiming to raise £100,000 to pay for the surgery needed to help them be able to walk and to lead normal lives.

We told you that we, like many other local groups, had chosen Jack & Rebecca as our chosen charity – and we chose to donate 100% – every single penny – of our 2012 advertising income to this very good cause.

People right across the UK have done numerous things to help: some have shaved their heads, others have run marathons, done cycle-rides, run karaoke nights, climbed Ben Nevis – the list is almost endless.

Today, the twins’ friends and family have raised just over £90,000 of the £106,000 needed: that’s money to pay for flights to the US for both twins, for hotel costs, for the cost of the operations themselves, and the costs of the follow-up aftercare (swimming, physio, equipment, etc, etc).

Both twins have now had the operation (Rebecca in November 2012, Jack in March 2013) and their prospects for a normal life ahead are hugely increased. Both twins should be able to be independent walkers within just a couple of years. They’ll need regular physio, swimming and aftercare for the next few years, but their future is improved immeasurably.

If you’ve donated, or helped at one of the many fund-raising events, thank you.

There’s now around only £15,000 left to raise. You too can help: Just visit the twins’ JustGiving page, and give whatever you can afford. Or, if you want to know more, visit the twins’ website here.


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