Nov 01 2013

Jeremy Says: One Week to go!

jeremy_zeid3With a week to go until the Harrow on the Hill by-election, there is everything to play for.

We have been pounding the streets, speaking to people and distributing literature. Bulletin No3 is going out as I write.

What is clear, is that people are fed up with the distractions, arguments and shenanigans that have virtually paralyzed the Council. Goodness only knows what the bureaucrats have been up to while various factions have been accusing each other of “racism” or calling for “judicial reviews”.

Incidentally, apart from stated opinion pieces, almost all of my postings are as a result of what I have been told after speaking to people.

What has become increasingly clear, is that apart from being treated as “Council Tax Fodder” the vast majority of “consultations” with Residents and Businesses are little more than PR and box-ticking exercises that rely on
apathy and cynicism to bludgeon through so many otherwise wholly unacceptable and ill thought through schemes.

The only real hope is that the public who are rightly fed up being treated this way, will turn out in decent numbers and use their votes on the relevant local issues, so that whatever the result, it will at least have some credibility.

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