Aug 15 2015

More Spend, Spend Spend – Flashy new PCs and TVs at Harrow Council

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council is spending money on nice new TVs, computers and phones to kit out the Civic Centre, according to this announcement on the council’s intranet site:

As part of the Council’s Mobile and Flexible Working Programme, over the next couple of weeks, you will begin to notice new equipment being installed into various meeting rooms across Civic 1 and the RetrEAT. The rooms will have wall mounted screens linked to fixed mini PC’s (which laptop users can also connect to) meaning that any Council employee can log on just as they would at their desk and be able to view their desktop on the large screen. External parties can also use the equipment by linking their own laptops to the screen.

The majority of rooms will also have conference phones so that people in other locations can join a meeting. Meeting rooms play a key role in allowing us to get together with colleagues, partners and external parties and the newly added equipment will make this a much more collaborative and productive experience. The new equipment will reduce the need for paper, enable real time updating of information in meetings, as well as time and money savings for staff who will no longer need to order and pay to have equipment set up in rooms.

We are aiming to have all rooms complete by the end of August. We will be renaming some of the rooms and updating Outlook to reflect consistent room names, as well as allowing you to check the facilities rooms have prior to booking.

The Council’s ‘Mobile and Flexible Working Programme’ is countless years overdue, has resulted in many issues for users, and could realistically be considered a complete flop.

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