Mar 08 2017

UKIP’s Herbie Crossman Leaflet for Roxbourne By-election



You can download the leaflet here (.pdf format). Thanks to Jeremy Zeid for sharing.

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  1. Someonewhocares

    Nice to see Herbie that after 40 years you have established a new path at Rayners Lane tube.

    Unfortunately however UKIP is the path to disaster: Just fear-mongering with no real solutions, merely negative criticisms. Forag(ing) and Nutter are liars too. Nigel in particular served up a pile of garbage (aka Brexit) and apparently disappeared (but I am not complaining about that though). UKIP are powerless to change anything of course – and they will stay like that, obviously.

    Now remind me, just how many MPs out of 650 do you have? I wonder why…..

    PS: If it is not the cuts what is it? You can’t just keep blaming Labour whilst the Tories are in power and thus ‘in charge’ of ‘our’ £1.7tn deficit. Yes, I did read your laughable pamphlet; Now do us all a favour and read some (other) newspapers tomorrow – and you just may find the economic truth ‘interesting’ too!

  2. Wealdstone Warrior

    That gave me a bit of a chuckle. I am not a UKIP voter, but I can see this denting Labours votes. Personally I am hoping for Tory win today. I can see Polly stepping down as Leader very soon, does he really want to continue being Leader for the 2018 local elections and getting a thrashing from the voting public? Maybe he should jump now before he is pushed.

  3. Len T

    Dear Someonewhocares (about himself only), to say UKIP are powerless to change anything diminishes your argument to the point of worthlessness. It was UKIP that forced ‘Happy-go-lucky’ Cameron to have a referendum and then it was mostly UKIP that won it.

    We need UKIP now to ensure that the people get what the people want. Please don’t go on about only 52%, etc.. It was a ‘winner takes all’ vote which is the same type of electoral mentality that keeps smaller parties like UKIP out of parliament.

    Nigel Fromage (as I call him) is the most outstanding politician of our time, whether you like him or not. No MP, let alone MEP, has achieved anything near what he has. They made a mess of the Stoke By Election and I hope they learn from it. Unfortunately, Nige wasn’t running that one.

    WW – Harrow seems to change its leader as often as most people change their underwear (and for the same reason). I hope you are right and Polly Shah goes soon. But he’ll just be replaced by another Labouroid whom it has been decided should have a turn at playing leader.

  4. Someonewhocares

    Cheers, Len. That is funnier than the pamphlet! And yes – they really don’t get any cheesier than Nasty Nigel Fromage either! He is only ‘outstanding’ as a bumbling clueless drunken oaf.

    Don’t disagree about Cameron though (Who ? – exactly – he should have been made to stick around and deal with the mess he has caused

    A correction: ‘They’ keep saying Britain has Voted, but it *was* only 52% and that is by no means ‘overwhelming’ and even you can’t argue about that (which is probably why I keep meeting people who say they now regret voting Brexit and would not have done so if they had known the FACTS!)

    As for ‘winner takes all’ unfortunately that is mainly why UKIP are ‘all washed’ up now. One MP or for that matter one UKIP Councillor is meaningless (and most of the Electorate know that).

    PS: YOU KIP if you want to… I am not for kipping!

  5. red mirror

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