Nov 22 2017

UNISON writes: Harrow Council “gag” trade union ahead of election

Press release from Harrow Unison…

In an unprecedented and hitherto inconceivable act the Labour run Harrow Council has cancelled an important public meeting with its recognised trade unions (scheduled to take place on the 29th November 2017 at the Harrow Civic Centre).

The Chair of the Employees Consultative Forum (ECF) and Labour Councillor Kiran Ramchandani (Labour Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Performance, Corporate Resources & Customer Service) had taken the shameful decision in what we, as the largest recognised trade union in Harrow believe, is no more than a disgraceful action to repress and “gag” this union’s ability to table the issues in a public forum before the May 2018 local Council elections. This is no more than a cynical attempt to dodge our questions and avert any embarrassment and negative press ahead of the election.

Prior to the meeting, and in compliance with report submission deadlines, Harrow UNISON LG Branch formally submitted 4 reports involving an array of issues that simply have not been handled appropriately by the Labour Council and which required resolution at the final, and primary consultation forum, as is defined in the Council’s consultation framework.

In what is an act of complete dictatorial arrogance, displaying a total disregard and contempt for the democratic principles and laws of this country and the Council’s constitution, our members right to have their voice heard has been effectively “gagged” and suppressed by certain local Labour politicians intent on winning at all costs to enhance their political aspirations despite the very clear negative consequences that this may invite for the overall Administration and our members. As a trade union based on democracy, our members are appalled at such a totalitarian and authoritarian approach and now seek answers publically to the questions the Labour Council do not wish to answer which are as follows:

  • Why is the Council failing to protect fundamental statutory rights in its employment procedures?
  • Why is the Council inserting senior management posts in its Community Directorate which have not been budgeted for, and why did the Council fail to consult on such changes with the recognised unions?
  • Why did the Council not consult on secret market testing exercises involving frontline services that may result in the full outsource of vital public realm and waste services?
  • Why is the Council relying on expensive consultant reports that are factually incorrect and are not worth the paper they are written on?
  • Why is the Portfolio Holder, whom affiliates to the GMB trade union and whom has encouraged union donations from this union ahead of the local elections, increased this union’s allocated trade union facility time and agreed new facility time arrangements that disproportionately impact Harrow UNISON LG Branch without our agreement?
  • Why is Cllr Ramchandani intent on ‘bashing’ Harrow UNISON’s ability to represent its members?

In alerting the public to this shambolic and shocking situation, Harrow UNISON LG Branch is seeking urgent answers and a full explanation from Cllr Kiran Ramchandani and her Leader Cllr Shah, given that the Labour Council has turned its back on this trade union.


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  1. red mirror

    the answer to all the above questions is that harrow council is a corporation as all councils are with no obligation to answer to anyone i have tried to make people aware many times of the dire situation this country is in i sited the horrific agenda 21/30 the ngo named i.c.l.e.i the plans that are afoot are all a done deal with no opposition because people dont know and wont research their true status as a living breathing human being the reason for this gross contempt is that all people are officially dead untill they claim the status of living man/woman please check out the papal bulls and dead at sea the whole legal system is maritime law birth certificate going into the dock etc etc time is short do the research become free demand change love you all.

  2. Someonewhocares

    Well Harrow UNISON there is lots of time between now and next May if you want to ‘stir up’ some trouble for them, surely ?

    I would be more suspicious that Lockwood is off (eventually to collect his gong) and did not want an uprising before his departure??

  3. mike mcfadden

    A bit naive of Unison. Welcome to our police state very much alive in Harrow under Lockwood. Shame on them all. The truth will eventually come out as it always does.! Not a moment too soon for me.

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