May 28 2014

Voluntary Action Harrow – Volunteers Week

voluntary_action_harrowIt’s ‘Time To Say Thank You’ to all the volunteers in our community!

Volunteers week is a chance to celebrate, recognise and showcase the tremendous work volunteers do.

Over 20 million people across the UK volunteer, donating millions of hours to the community. The value of voluntary activity in the UK for 2012 was estimated to be £23.9 billion, approximately. 1.5% of GDP. These figures are only expected to increase for 2013.

Speaking about next week Alex Buckmire, member of Voluntary Action Harrow, said “Working with so many different volunteers around the borough is a hugely rewarding experience. There are over 900 voluntary and community organisations in Harrow with thousands of volunteers working to support activities, groups and people. The volunteers I meet deserve recognition for their hard work and efforts in supporting people in crisis.”

Voluntary Action Harrow will be celebrating Volunteers Week by saying a big “thank you” to as many volunteers in Harrow. They will also be announcing some new volunteer opportunities and a new project which will be getting more young people into volunteering through trusteeship.

Trustees are the lifeblood of the voluntary and community sector. They are volunteers who are ultimately responsible for the organisation and its strategic decisions. Voluntary Action Harrow’s new ‘#Trustee2B’  project will match young people and local business employees & professionals together and match them to vacant trustee positions.

If your interested or would like to find out more details contact Voluntary Action Harrow by calling 020 8861 5894 or email contact@voluntaryactionharrow.org.uk
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