Sep 14 2015

Where Are They Now? John Nickolay

john_nickolay_1985Another in an occasional series, looking back at Harrow’s councillors from years past, to see where they’ve got to since.

John Nickolay, up until recently the Conservative representative for Pinner South, has been around the block on a number of occasions. Just looking at his political history, thanks to harrow-elections.co.uk, it seems that his first appearance as a local councillor would have been way back in 1964, when he stood as the Conservative candidate for Roxbourne, getting into the elected-three with just six votes to spare.

After 1964, Nickolay has stood – and been elected – as a councillor in a number of wards: Rayners Lane, Headstone North, Pinner West and, most recently, Pinner South, where he won a fifth of the votes.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]”…the perfect gentleman”[/pullquote]His declaration of interests shows a wide and varied range of associations and bodies that he is involved in, including Chair of Welldon Activity Group (a group who provide day care for those suffering from emotional, mental or physical disadvantage), and President of the Harrow Branch of the Royal British Legion, to name just a few. He is also Chair of Governors for Welldon Park Junior School, and Vice-Chair of Governors at Welldon Park Infant and Nursery School.

Apart from that, he also found time to be Mayor in 2008/9.

Always the perfect gentleman, Nickolay was recently described as “…not having a nasty bone in his body”. Indeed, he must be doing something right: looking at his gifts and hospitality register, he declares a number of gifts from grateful constituents.

Professionally, before retirement, Nickolay was a Shipping Auditor, who has lived all his life in Roxbourne, and, like his four children, attended local schools.


Source: Much of the background of this article, and the images, came from www.harrow-elections.co.uk.

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  1. Susan Hall

    Brilliant iharrow! I have never seen pictures of John from such a long time ago and I never had the pleasure of knowing him then. It is perfectly true to say John is a complete gentleman. He is also kind, dedicated and passionate about all matters concerning transport as those of us connected with traffic issues on either side of the Council will tell you. What a lovely article, thank you Paul Boakes.

  2. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Yes Paul, brilliant! I now look forward to equivalent articles on Eileen, Hussain, Stanley, Marilyn and anyone else that Susan has upset!! lol 😉

  3. Susan Hall

    If you look back Will you will find the first one was on Pravin Shah. The alleged author of letters from the so called ‘Harrow Council for Justice’ – clearly I have upset him at some stage if the constant tirade of abuse is anything to go by. What I have done I will probably never know as he has refused to meet with me to discuss – somewhat cowardly don’t you think?

    Perhaps Paul will do one on you, I genuinely think that would be very interesting.

  4. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Yes for sure Susan. Actually when I met with Paul I forgot to suggest that he offer every one of us Cllrs the opportunity to be interviewed by him on iharrow. But be that as it may I have sych a compelling attention deficit disorder (thanks probably to being packed off to boarding school by a lesbian mother and a millionaire father who decided to split up because, well, mum told dad she was gay…!!) that I’ll gladly grab any limelight on offer, even if it’s just iharrow! Or, now here’s an idea, why don’t we both subject ourselves to Paul’s questioning in tandem??!! In the meantime I look forward to Paul’s articles on those I mentioned! By the way Susan I have to say it is great fun sparring with you – most collapse in tears or throw their toys out of the pram e.g. most of the anonymous commentators on this site! But you Susan, you go for the ball without hesitation and then serve it back; with interest! Bravo – I love it!

  5. Marcello Borgese

    I would like to concur with all the positive press on John, he really is a great guy. Susan, I doubt a piece on Stoodley would be interesting. I, along with many other contributors here, are not in the slightest bit impressed with his ramblings. Personally, I find him deeply depressing.

  6. Praxis Reform

    Perhaps he’ll tell us some interesting things about the sprig of acacia

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